Poem seventeen

Past dealines

past due

bills piling up

and no money to pay them.

Just another day in our life.

We scrape the scraps and create treasures

we rob Peter to pay Paul to pay John

these are names of disciples

none of who we pay are sacred.

Just firms and companies taxing and subsidizing

Just the government taking its cut being for the people

Just another reminder to get your own and don’t rely

Just another day in our life.

We go through this cycle only to die

that is what nobody wants to talk about.

Though we see it

We rarely imagine going through it.

We are paying bills and living this life just for a moment.

Let us try to smile while living to make the pain feel less.



About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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