Poem three (a)

This time of the day is when the vibration heightens and the frequency becomes clearer. 

When the television is on and you are drinking water and tea to calm down. Or pop. Might be junking out at this hour 

Is when you are tired yet that pull keeps you up and earlier in the day you was telling yoself like

I’m a go to sleep early tonight. I gotta break this habit.

Then this time rolls around and eyes are bloodshot body is aching  and you think of what started this habit

And you stay up longer…thinking…

Maybe I should replace you with I and be honest. 

Actually you replace you with I and find yourself in these lines.

It’s been a killing across the board, a slaughtering of innocent people health issues riddling the bones and taking over the body addictions overcoming the spirit

People are going missing 

By Death or Abduction. 

it has been


for us all. 

Maybe I should replace your pain with mines

Or my Season with yours.

We can have a lunch date and smile through our losses…

healing after death.

Maybe I can cheer myself up enough to stop wearing jeans and two French braids

To remove anger from my response and step out more into the forfront maybe…

Just maybe…

I can recover salvageable pieces of myself inside of my grief stricken vessel, clean them up and display them again…

I can get my nails done and go outside in the sunshine…instead of sloshing through puddles, bracing storms…

Maybe I can open my parka in a blizzard and be picture perfect 

Stage Ready 

Sugar Sharp

I will makeover the makeup that has caked my face

Makeup being sorrow

Sorrow feeling chronic 

Today…earlier today I received the true meaning of Ecclesiastes One

A time…

To heal

To love 

To laugh

To be angry

To mourn…and it’s not 24-hour time is ticking a time to mourn…


It’s we are starting in 2010 

and still pushing through

Going Through…

The Process…

We must still forge on.

Grief and I became friends when I was nine years old

I learned of the passing of my nana

I cried in my grandmothers lap

We are familiar 

Grief and I

Stay up some nights 

These are our Special Moments.

Then I sleep…at some point 

I wake up…thankfully

I Push Through. 


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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