T Lane

I didn’t know this type of love existed.  

Only from what I saw looking on at family’s with many children 

My being the only child with cousins and friends who had siblings I just didn’t buy into the idea of having a sister

It didn’t fit into my style maybe or you were gonna get more attention than me or maybe my ten year old mind couldn’t fathom how I could or would be accountable for my actions as your older sister 

A role model 

And your mother would tell me “she’s your baby sister Kisha…stop being mean to her. She loves you.”

Then our father would say “Kisha that is your sister stop it! Now I mean it! Don’t make me have to show you! She loves you, what’s the matter with you?” Cause that’s how he talked when he meant what he was saying.

Finally my mom would say ” Now Kisha, that’s not nice she’s your sister…be nice Boop. She loves you.”

I had to understand 

You loved me. 

Yet from the first day I saw you when they brought you home from the hospital I was in love with this baby that I got to see up close and personal 

This baby that was born from my father and a different woman who was nurturing me before you were born…

she had a lil practice in becoming who she is to you…

how I would curl up with your mom when she carried you and rub you in her womb and talk to much to you…

Baby girl

You are the beat in my heart when I feel the Lord preparing me for my next task…

You have transformed into a tough cookie…very strong and young and still pure your soul is…you don’t know what the statistics say you should be and that suits me well…


My dear sister

You have loved me

 out loud and unashamed I love you the way we love documentaries and good food 

I love you because I’ve watched you crawl your way into the woman you are today

Coaching yourself to love

Enduring because your spirit is a firework and I love to watch it pop off

What is to come I don’t know.

I can tell you more tears will fall from your eyes

I can advise you to allow yourself to not be too strong

To accept yourself as human and therefore mistakes are to be made

Wisdom is the outcome of mistakes 

It takes trial and error to be wise 

It is all about balancing and emoting in proper ways on proper levels.

Disregard what people think and live your life for you

Dare to be what your fears tell you not too…

And stay humble…grounded

Remembering it’s all good in the hood  

That you are loved on top of loved  beyond loved 

Me LeAsia and DaWayne cherish you as our sister

You are the best part of our parents

May this day be the beginning of your glory 

Of what the Lord promised you

Congratulations on walking proudly..

Into your purpose 

Congratulations on your Master of Science in Chemistry 

Now stop and smell the roses!  


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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