HH (its all good)

Maybe its to keep me from losing my breath
not knowing the exact condition you are in
the true nature of your pain
God is my shield, my bulwark
to hear your voice takes me back to childhood
always has been
the power of your voice
very powerful and tall you are with strong nose and stronger blood
I adore
the first man I laid newborn eyes on you are my heart
beating in baritones and Marvin Gaye ballads
I am your thigh dancing to rhythm
I feel you when I try to close my eyes at night
these last fifteen sunsets have been agonizingly calm
These hours in a day I view with new lenses
today is a real day
I am truly made of flesh and have always fought
as you are fighting now…I now know why I do
Father for those who have sinned against you
Forgive for ye must be forgiven
this is what restoration of a forest looks like
My headache is the thunder rumbling without any rain
Lightning no clouds
Just headaches crashing on top of more headaches
A foggy storm
Without precipitation
for you are dry and slaking thirst
Relearning to drink so you can’t drink at this moment
the only water is from your eyes
And to cry is to cleanse
So we are cleansing
I will not hold it in
I will not remain dirty
I will clean
My insides out with saltwater formed from inflamed glands…ducts
swollen and itching I dare not complain
All of my energy at this moment is focused on bringing you up to 100
Keeping your spirits high and reading you scriptures
The only discipline I know is to pray
our foundation as a family is one unwavered royal tapestry
strong bold and one of a kind we drape from one end to another
hands clasped within another hand we pray in the same language
our sway has been passed down generations
We have mastered it and added new movements
in one direction we move
spirit filled and loud we are here
on knees
faces in palms we are praying for you
constantly and consistently
That mercy may fall at your ankles and break bondage that has been entangled
your knots are being untied and the string that remains is disposed
At this very moment
You in all your height
Are being restored
Our prayers have been answered
Get ready
to dance to your favorite James Brown song
this summer
You have purpose
You are life
You are loved
are forgiven
Let’s go…we gotta do this
Let’s Fight…we must continue on towards victory!!!


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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