Our Beloved (for my aunt Pam; my family)

A star has fallen out of our cluster
we are gathering our thoughts
hardening our chests
braving this earthquake
this passing of one of our songbirds
a free thinker who followed no rule except her own
Born within a clan she brought the ruckus and dared you to tell her not to
A gentle genuine intelligence in a familiar smile
that crosses railroad tracks to swim in oceans
waves are crashing on our faces
puddles of years at our feet stagnant
there is no room for anything other
than to sit in silence and replay memories easily recalled
struggling to hold on to details
to words we are holding on to hugs
her laugh
we are searching our bodies for her fingerprints so we can attach music notes to those areas as proof that she was here
In the flesh
Lest ye never forget

that the scriptures we stand on unravel for reason
riddles make sense without rhyme

it has been said to rejoice when death comes cloaked
to cry for the birth of life
dance for the end of it

there has been no dancing

we are barely smiling

this is our bittersweet season

this poem is written in remembrance of my Aunt Pam
a shining star who contained enormous levels of good energy on her insides
that it radiated her outer space and those in it

we are  painstakingly beautifully flawed
Judge not, lest ye be judged

this poem was written to tell you that weeping lasts only a night and joy indeed comes in the morning

this poem will rename a fallen star
Our Beloved

renewed and painfree
reunited with her parents from which she came

taking her rightful place
up in the sky
because the sun
has been replaced
with her smile
so let it shine on your soul.


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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