untitled. for yesterday.

is never what it was

it is an imagination.

a memory.

a series of events we have fought through…

we are making sandcastles with plastic spoons

digging in the beaches we stroll on

with glass in the sand

slivers in our feet

fingers bent, cramping from balls of fists

throwing tantrums

not wanting to relive

when reliving is really the only thing that keeps us moving towards something…

greater than

always expecting less than our worth, our true purpose for being, knowing our roles and places in situations…

i remember people use to say math aint never gonna be used past high school

congruency and formulas

Area and X

if and then statements run the course of a life span

these are strategies

we must play this game as a springboard chess match

in 3-D we should be wearing armour and blocking

sand grains are weighing my feet down

we are trudging through millions of sand grains

we build sandcastles

abstract human beings with various thought patterns

must listen and understand the next man to truly understand ourselves

i know this

who we were is who we are and who we will be

the change is the way in which we handle our reaction…

it is the way in which we hold our tongue

we are so quick to slay with tongue

defiling our character cause we can’t talk better

reliving yesterdays

hating them instead of looking towards the sky

cause the sky is blue and its bright with sun

and thanking our yesterdays for appearing in their grimy attire,

in their dark clothes and musty scent

thank you yesterday

for beating me pulpy, abusing joy and not making it easy,

a fourth time yesterday will always be

a fifth time yesterday

and no more will be spoken about it

no more will we harp on our shortcomings

I most times pray for all

that we

myself one hundred percent included

pay attention to where we put our energy

the beaches that we go to and bask in the sun, the humans around us,

who admire and want this strength

we possess…people

all huemans, youmans, make up your true essence, your aura…

with love. with faith. with belief. with joy. and a smile.

it always has to end with a smile,

fingers and toes dirty from the sand…its okay…sand is cool, and it is natural…and it is brown…i like the hues of brown…light dark…..even non-brown colors I love got brown in them…smile…

I am…for this life is chess….it is never checkers…and what we think and we say, we become…..every second, so being sharp is necessary.

all words and forms are necessary.

all love and life is urgent.

stop dragging your spoons and dig…





About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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