a poem…

my aunt just told me she is learning to take people for who they are

I agreed

I am also learning to not judge or be the bearer of truth to all that have ears

for they do not listen

then I am left angered

at such foolishness of not picking up the jewels

being beaver or squirrel my brain is always trying to gather up the nuts and store them for the winter season

everyone is not made up in same cells

as different beings we gather for our seasons in various waves and patterns

I’m learning

synergy is sometimes false flashing light

an illusion

people are magic tricks out here in this daily we strive for every night

we lay down and prayerfully we pray

or say a word of gratitude

show some respect

to Earth

if nothing else for not stopping its rotation

its movement

brains are not as sharp as others

people don’t exactly know how to tell truths

so they make up things

I know no ones perfect

I’m not

in the least

I understand a person is who they are

makes sense


its just…

people put on new faces before their season is even up for the old face

subconsciously? (pause/thought)

are excuses, people are, the excuses that they use as language

excuses are rainy days outside without the proper rain gear

they are the swarm of gnats around a rotten banana

worthless and annoying…

because when one is  full of worth there isn’t a change in the step

the conversations stay steady and cool-tempered

one is kind and respectful

to all

does not disregard another

its sad I say

to never change

to never feel a clear mind and a soft heart

to be indecisive and confused

to be needy

to be clingy

afraid to be alone

it is sad to not tell the truth

say things and don’t carry them out

half-ass do what you full-mouthed


my fingers are typing at this moment not pointing

this is an enlightenment of sorts

to be you

whoever that you is

its the consistent thinkers who get where they want to go

it is the BALANCING of oneself against others that is important

not the ego, the pride, the past…

piss on the past

dismantle what you didn’t do

and get to doing

cause unnecessary sorrow is a downfall.

to pity oneself and his/her sufferings for anything is decaying to the spirit living in the vessel

which is you

and that’s law.







About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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One Response to a poem…

  1. shirley says:

    Yeah for you and your aunt. Humility can be a good thing.

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