Twenty-two years…

Twenty-two is along time to be someone’s friend. Being in someone’s company through the thick and the thin of things, I have learned is a skill one learns everyday. I have the pleasure of having said friendship. With a person who is like a sister, more than a friend she has become a frame, amongst many others.

I like to talk about my friends as they are apart of my thoughts. Daily, I send prayers and positive energy their way. I talk to them as often I can and before I relocated away from them, I spent as much time as possible with them.

I have a friend that is also my sister, blood line. And that friendship has a ten-year gap. Between us, she is ten years my junior. Yet, the more we have grown into our respective woman, the more we share with each other the more we bond. And that feeling is relentlessly kneading someone.

My one friend is a Cancer and I a Capricorn and that explains the foundation of us. She beats my face to a bloody pulp with her realist take on everything. And my sensitive wear my heart on my sleeve ass cringes. I think in ways to get her, to trip her up and she thinks in those same ways. This confusion causes our balance and love for one another. It is a harmonious banter that I cannot live without.

I have a Capricorn to my Capricorn. And us being the same sign means that we are the same person, she has me by a few years, and we talk during specific seasons. Times when our souls need to talk, when us goats need that mountain meeting.

My boo, Thalia is the newest, yet she is really one of my dearest. She is the godmother of my angel. As I walked the path of pregnancy and loss, she held my hand and braved the storm with me. And for that I am forever grateful for her soul. For her being, pushes me to be better than myself. Not to mention she writes bad-ass poems and she is holding a redhead close to her bosom. She makes me smile on so many levels.

I have two gigs…we met at university and they are best friends. They have wrapped their non-conformist arms around me and shaped my brain into a bulldozer for the bullshit, these two, I am forever in love with. I try to divorce one every chance I can, she won’t let me she is an Aquarius. Ugh! And the other is a songstress with the voice of a bluesy string, her voice is tickle and pain. And she is a redheaded Pisces. The story of why we are gigs is long and sacred and we have told it soooo many times it has been retired. All I’m going to say is “Gig ’em aggies!”

I have an Ann and not many have this. An old soul in a stern frame, taking no shit from anyone or from  anything at anytime. She is a stalwart ride or die with beautiful children – these little people that are self-sufficient and highly intelligent. Our friendship is blood, sweat, and tears. Literally. As I told her the other day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a Tater to my Tot. She is family first then friend and she is adored and blessed and beautiful. Her silence is so strong and powerful. She has been in my life all of mines and before, as my mother and hers grew up as one.

I have three very strong women, who at the present are my shelter, who push me to the edge of my mountain and dare me to run down. Only to run up to claim what is mines. And they are adored daily.

And I have a bew, who is like, a cosmic force of energy that the atmosphere saw fit for me to indulge. The spirit of this woman motivates my spirit. And she is so close to me in this new land, this new step. I can reach out and ride to her and we can brainstorm and do what we do best – Laugh – she is most definitely a frame.

I am thankful for the friends that God has put in my life, some have faded and left my side throughout my years. And I have learned that people are around for certain seasons. That everybody is not meant to go on your journey with you. That there are specific people ordered to walk with you through it all. Even when you don’t want them too. Even when you have disliked yourself so much you have hurt the very women who have been your frame. We, as people, weaken our own frames at times. We feel we should replace what has not been broken.

I have considered these women to be apart of my life daily because we have fought and ran away from each other. Only to come back and apologize. I have hurt each one at a different time. And they still are who I need to talk to when I am overwhelmed with grief.

It is the beauty of knowing that for twenty-two years one person has stood the test of time, and within that test, others were able to occupy sacred ground – my heart.

This post is for all that I forgot, that I don’t talk to all the time, yet we have a kindred connection. You are the bolts and nuts which hold my frames together. I am thankful for my house, which is me. I am thankful for those who put up with the randomness and steady bullshit which is me. Without them I would not see myself in her true colors. They sharpen me with their jagged honesty. And I think that makes me one lucky goat.



About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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