It is the Spirit that I look for…

Today is Valentines Day. I have a Valentine. I have love and I am happy.

The spirit that holds up these holidays are going to shits. Society is so quick to put a price tag on the value of what one cannot see. Spirit. The English word spirit means in Latin, breath. It then derives and shapes itself into other words: spirit, soul, courage, vigor; it goes through changes and things with other cultures, Greek for example, Proto-Indo European…whatever…anyway, breath. Taking that in for a minute, when we breathe we are inhaling, exhaling, drawing oxygen out and in from our lungs. okay. Breath is the act of breathing, the act of inhaling or exhaling, the movement I suppose, the spirit of breathing.

I don’t even know if that makes sense. At all. At first I was going somewhere. See, this is why this is random thoughts, so you don’t get stuck on one thing I’m saying and looking for a resolve, because five times out of ten, as my fingers are trying to type as fast as I’m thinking…they are not….and thoughts are displaced and moved around and forgotten.

Much like the spirit of these holidays. Like Valentines Day for instance. Christmas is over December 25th, and Boom, January….let’s say 2nd? we’re hanging up hearts. Rogers and Zales are posting the Forget Me Not Heart on Pre-Sale for…an amount of who cares and who’s really buying…now…I don’t want to sound bitter or like the poster-girl for Bah humbug…I’m just saying, is it the spirit in buying all of these expensive gifts…or is it because the man/woman is a fucking nag that expects shit cause its Valentines Day…OR expects a gift cause its Christmas…okay…its usually the gift giving holidays that always makes me question the MOTIVE behind the gift, the breath of the holiday; the SPIRIT. A holiday like Thanksgiving just calls for showing up, and showing love, and allowing the SPIRIT to freely flow…(this is where I am smiling…pause)

the fourth of July calls for a gathering of people, usually to drink, and have cookouts, and celebrate the Independence of some shit in America, that has gotten water-downed….its for the fireworks. Really, in a nutshell, (I’m smiling) its about the fireworks, the ribs, and yes, the SPIRIT…of…Independence? and..yeah…

Easter is about the rabbit and the eggs; Halloween is some Devil shit that I don’t deal with; Presidents Day…see some of these holidays don’t even count to me…so the point I’m trying to get to are about these holidays that require going out, purchasing something, without looking like a cheap bastard, and presenting it, without going broke, and praying (eyes closed hands clasped) that the person receiving it loves it, with their soul…you really want to see their spirit when the open up this gift. What if the gift is not what was wanted by said receiver? Will their facial expression show and tell how their spirit is feeling (shitty) that you went to K-Mart and got a diamond bracelet, instead of like a fine jewelers; or the dozen roses that was wanted from the florist was replaced with the half-dozen bought on the side of the road outside of a gas station. I mean, let me honest…I’m glad that I didn’t get gifts from any of the men in my past that I dated, slept with, lived with, however you want to put and know why? Because most of the bastards were unattached to romance. They were too cheap to give me in person what I was getting in my head; and they were too cheap to give me something that at least came close to what I was getting in my head. So not getting anything actually worked out for the greater good of the day as a whole. Because 1. I’m a bitch with a strong skill of asshole and 2. My face tells how I’m really feeling and finally3. I just started my journey of kindness…meaning, at the time, I would have been messing up a good thing by even mentioning getting something remotely pricey for Valentines Day. Hey, my truths are what they are.

As I grow and evolve, that is changing. Yes, I am preparing for the day that my significant other cares about me enough to want to see my insides shine and buys me a chocolate diamond tennis bracelet, or the day we go on a shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret. The day when I go to the airport where tickets are waiting to take me halfway across the country to meet my man in a hotel naked….too much….anyway, I know what good is, what great is. I would like to think that I am a woman of refinement and polish, no matter how loud I laugh or talk…and that can be loud…I get it honest (see “my mother”), meaning, I don’t like cheap shit. Period. Dot. My face lets you know….naw…I…..Pineapples (thanks Kevin Hart).

I want to receive gifts and love on holidays from someone who appreciates my spirit and therefore is giving with their spirit. Simple. There is nothing the matter with these water-downed holidays – no matter who created them (race, culture, history, whatever). I am a cheesy person, I enjoy falalalala…poundcake and strawberries – bring it on….all night sex on a bed of flowers with a limited edition Tiffany Bracelet on my right wrist……(raising my hand) over here! I get off on the ricotta cheese of the holidays, it is the spirit that I absolutely adore.

Its just…… marketing and public relations miss the mark, and go straight to sales leaving the ricotta, and cheddar….all the cheesy parts out….and that’s the good part…the cheese, the breath…..the soul……

The Spirit.

Happy Valentines Day my People…

Love thyself first

All else will follow.


(“my mother” – has a contagious laugh that is loud and bold and I inherited that same loud laugh. Also we talk loud when we get excited. She is full of cheese also…my father too…smile.)


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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  1. Tach-eeezy baby says:

    I’m cheesin!

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