A muse…or two…

Today I had a conversation with one of my dear friends. We were laughing and talking about our respective careers and future endeavors. Somewhere I said “Yeah…you have the muse of Terpsichore in you” very cocky like I added, “she’s the muse of music”. “What’s a muse”? she asked. And I almost dropped a tear.

First of all, the muse of music is not Terpsichore, it is Euterpe. So me and my “I know everything self” needs to get that in order. Second, the beauty of the muses should be known by everyone. I’m not about to give the Wikipedia entry to the muses. That’s not happening. I will talk about how I see some of my good good friends in my circle, all women, who embody some of  the muses. I have a Clio, a Thalia, two Euterpe, and I believe myself to be Erato. I love the muses so I will talk more of them from time to time. Its what I do.

And side-note: I do know that other cultures besides Greeks have muses. I may get to them in my lifetime and I may not. No worries to me. So it should not be to you. If you had any. Just saying. With love.

I was at the Museum of Art. My friend and I were walking through. That’s what we did for like a summer was take trips to the museum and see paintings, laugh at the absurdity of people, and taking notes for poems. We come to this painting, and its Zeus, with one of the muses (at the time, I DID not know about the muses). I’m making all types of “Ohhh my goshhhh!” “I never knew about this, why?” “Where have I been my whole life”. Dramatic. Over-dramatic. Shaking my head. Anyway, to the right of this painting was another one. Erato. To the right of her, another one, Polyhymnia. To the left of Zeus was another painting. Clio. And to the right of her, Calliope. Epic. These paintings were flipping EPIC! To start, the paintings are like five-feet up from the ground, and then they are like twenty plus feet high, ten plus feet wide. A lost soul like mines felt some kind of reverence standing looking at this overdose of art and history. Like I felt that I wanted to save something, like I needed to cry…something. Overwhelmed.I think my friend felt the same way.  We are nerds like that, her and I. So at that moment, I’m looking at her and I’m like “I’m Erato boo, and you are Thalia”. She nodded, chuckled and that made it good. Code names. Muses. Now, Thalia is the muse of Comedy, and my boo, well she is hilarious! For no reason funny, all the time funny. I on the other hand, am a love sick fool, forever falling into some love affair, some love rectangle…some love something. Lost. So that just made all the sense to me.

I know that we all need something to hold to, as a people, one part of our survival is to inspire and motivate. Each other. I am learning that listening, understanding, and giving feedback when needed, positive feedback, usually serves functions for the person I am talking with. That over talking, and daydream listening serves nothing, except ego. And that always deflates at the end of the day. At the end of the day, faith has to be what shapes foundation of self, even if you believe in a banana, BELIEVE in that BANANA. Long as its sound, and sturdy, and ready to be built upon. And when building, use the inspiration, your muses, your friends to be the frame. That makes for a cozy house. Then the placement of individualism and decoration can begin, because no matter how hard one may try to burn whats fireproof…the end result is…its fireproof…I know…that sounds weird and utterly nonsensical. It makes sense. In a random kinda way.


About monalisasrandomthoughts

I craft people poems. I laugh out-loud. I love all things. Everything is about order. My movements are chess. Everything to me calculates. I just look like this.
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  1. Tach-eeezy baby says:

    I’m all smiles bew!

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